Wally’s Deluxe Wagon Burger Experience

After sampling the excellence of Memphis Blues, Vancouver’s Hot Spot for BBQ supremacy, the train rolled on to Knight and Day Restaurant, the birthplace of the legendary Incredible Hulk Burger. Both of these were hits, but is there room for a third? To find this answer, we ventured to what looks like the most unlikely place to find great food, let alone a great burger: Wally’s at 2703 Kingsway on the Eastside of Vancouver.

Wally’s (officially known as Wally’s Drive In) is probably one of the most broke ass looking places to ever flip a burger, but I’m sure that during the days of the drive in eatery, it was one of the kings.  Afterall, it’s survived for eons.  I always drive past it without a single glance, but today I would be making a stop there.  Driving back from the gym and looking for extra calories, I called up Leo who was more than happy to accompany me. Leo is always hungry.

Has The Hulk Met its Match?

After experiencing “The Hulk”, we had to order Wally’s Signature Burger: The Deluxe Wagon.

Wally’s Smaller Than Hulk

If you compare it to the Knight and Day Incredible Hulk Burger, you can tell that the Hulk has the Deluxe Wagon beat on size.  If you recall, the Hulk Burger got its girth from a fried egg on the bottom and a bavarian sausage on the top.  The Hulk also had what seemed to be a hand made patty that was quite thick, while the Deluxe Wagon uses two standard frozen patties, flame broiled.

Wally gets no love when it comes to toppings…

The Wally’s Deluxe Wagon holds the onions, plays the processed cheese card, and went light on the special sauce.  Based on the size of the burger, I guess that’s why the guy asked us if we wanted two of them.  Taste wise, it was OK.  It wasn’t special and it certainly didn’t leave us in hamburger heaven like the Hulk Burger.  I guess we’ll give it another go…

Round TWO!

 The Deluxe Wagon gets another shot…

For round two, we wanted to make the competition a bit more even.  Since the Hulk Burger had a sausage and a fried egg, we had to add a fried egg and a weiner.  I know, not exactly the same and it was one of those crappy skinny weiners to boot.  Each option was an extra 80 cents over top of the four buck base price of the Deluxe Wagon burger.  The burger is so tall with these extra additions that they had to skewer it to keep it together.  They also went extra heavy on the sauce so I could taste it this time.  The last one was skinny on the sauce.

The Deluxe Wagon is stacked, but is it enough?

This is definitely more like it!  With the wimpy Deluxe Wagon bulked up with some weiner and egg action, would it be enough to take down the Hulk?  Unfortunately not.  The Deluxe Wagon falls short on a few areas that the Hulk burger SMASHES it on:

  • Use of REALLY processed cheese

  • No onions? WTF?

  • Skinny on the sauce.

  • Egg and Weiner are options, and where’s the Bavarian Sausage?

  • No big juicy handmade looking patty.  Two skinny generic patties are used.

So what’s the verdict on Wally’s Signature Deluxe Wagon Burger?  For the price, it’s a great value, but once I added on the extras and multiplied it by two with fries, it ended up being the same price as the Hulk Burger.  The Hulk Burger had me pondering my existence as I sat there in Hamburger Heaven, while the Deluxe Wagon, even after the second one, left me somewhat unfulfilled.  If you want a real mans burger, get the Hulk Burger.  It CRUSHES the Deluxe Wagon.