Only Because I Love You Guys…

LG Chocolate Lingerie Show @ Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival 2007

As you know, Leo Chiang and me rode up on a bus with Lingerie Models to check out the official launch of the Chocolate Slider Phone in Canada. LG really knows how to make life good. They not only stuffed us on a bus with lingerie models, but they proceeded to get both Leo and myself happily intoxicated and fed throughout the day.

The models braved subzero temperatures and modelled right through the snow on a very slippery catwalk. Bravo to the models for braving it. I have a new respect for modelling. I know I’d be suffering from severe shrinkage and shivering my ass off if that was me up there. So where is the love you ask? Well, as a regular reader of my blog, you all get a FIRST LOOK at all SEVENTY FOUR of my scantily clad lingerie model pictures over at Futurelooks. I have not officially released these yet so you’ll be one of the first to see them. Click here for the pictures. Yes there are a few DUDE pics for you ladies to gawk at as well. Enjoy! 😀

Marina and Angela from HighRoad Communications representing LG Canada

Special thanks to my friends Angela and Marina (pictured above) from HighRoad Communications representing LG Canada for inviting us up and for making sure we were taken care of 🙂