Hey! I’m on Wikipedia!

I was checking the traffic logs today and I noticed that I was gettng traffic from Wikipedia. I followed the link and saw that it was coming from this entry. I’ve seen the entry before and was always a little disappointed that it wasn’t “correct” seeing as I’m number one on google, and the other guy isn’t. The Web is my house 😉

I’m on Wikipedia!  I Do Exist!

It looks like someone decided that the “Other” Stephen Fung didn’t deserve ALL of the spotlight and decided to deflect some of it my way. Thanks! Now if someone wants to make it MORE ACCURATE, they can add the following:

  • Name: Stephen Gar-Lun Fung (馮倫) – Stephen Fung IS my Legal Name and it is on my Birth Certificate so I am the REAL Stephen Fung 😉
  • Date of Birth: January 24, 1977
  • City of Birth: Nanaimo, BC, Canada
  • Education: I graduated with a Diploma in Business Management from Douglas College
  • Music: I was an Alto Sax player in High School and was in both the stage and concert bands.  I was also in the Concert Choir so this Stephen Fung can play music and sing too! I’m convincing doing country since I grew up in a small, somewhat Redneck, little town.  I am contemplating a Solo Spoken Word Album… NOT!
  • Film and TV: I did commercials on Public Access TV when I was in high school 😛

I still don’t like that Dot Com Mogul thing, especially since I didn’t actually make the Number Two for February.  How about Dot Com…Mentor?  Thanks whoever you are for the additions.  That was a really cool surprise today 😀