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Video – WYSSES RÖSSLI SCHWYZ Hotel Room Tour – Ibach, Switzerland

Video – WYSSES RÖSSLI SCHWYZ Hotel Room Tour – Ibach, Switzerland

During a business trip to Europe, one of the stops was the home of the Swiss Army Knife, Ibach, Switzerland. Ibach is a municipality of Schwyz and is home to the most famous multi-tool maker of all, Victorinox. This is where the classic red tool that got MacGyver out of trouble was born. Ibach is also the home of Felchlin, a world class chocolatier.

The WYSSES RÖSSLI SCHWYZ Hotel is nestled at the bottom of all these beautiful mountains, in a town that looked like it came out of ‘The Sound of Music’.  While the hotel isn’t the largest it does have character. During my brief stay I found the stay more than adequate and it had some really great perks like the Nespresso machine in the hallway just outside my room. The European style breakfast was also top notch.

Check out the video above for a look at a room at the WYSSES RÖSSLI SCHWYZ. For more information about the WYSSES RÖSSLI SCHWYZ Hotel in Ibach, Switzerland, you can find it here.

Source: StephenFungDotNet YouTube Channel

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