The Most Advanced Womens Underwear in the World

No girlfriend, it is not from that Victoria Secret store. Leave it to the Japanese and the land of Machine Girl and Fart Monsters to come up with the most advanced designs in womens underwear. I guess all that experience with upskirt cams, hentai, and the most advanced technology in the world has paid off for some perverted Japanese business man afterall.

This corset features a solar panel that produces enough power to charge your phone or iPod on a sunny day. On rainy days, the manufacturer says to keep this high-tech underwear in the closet as it may become an electrical shock hazard. The corset also features bust implants that can be filled with water to increase perkiness. I’m sure in bouts of severe dehydration, you can drink the water while calling for help as your phone would always be fully charged.

What will the Japanese think of next! 😀