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It’s Time For a New Look!

Since I’m trying to get things going again here, I figured it was time to get a new look for this site. Actually, no, that’s not exactly the reason why I decided I needed a new look… Apparently, when you don’t update your blog for 

It’s All Good! WordPress 2.7 Coltrane Upgrade Successful!

This evening, Version 2.7 of our favourite blogging platform, WordPress, has been launched. This version touts being able to do all the stuff you do, but faster. Named after Saxophonist, John Coltrane, will this version blow any sour notes? I’ve just upgraded this blog including 

I Heart WordPress Version 2.5!

As some of you may have noticed while logging in today, WordPress 2.5 has finally been released! This version packs a lot of new stuff into the already pretty wicked awesome WordPress software that we all know and love. Noticeable changes include a brand new