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Dot Com Pho – Lemon Glass…Grass…Edition

This past Saturday another Dot Com Pho took place. This week, we invaded the Lemon Grass Restaurant in Richmond, based on Greg Morgan’s recommendation. If you remember, Greg Morgan suggested that we check out a restaurant called Cuu Long in Vancouver, which we thought was mediocre at […]

Dot Com Pho – The Reunion Edition

This week’s Dot Com Pho was a special one. Not only have we seemed to have put aside our differences with a Dot Com Pho Cease Fire, but we’ve welcomed an old friend back from overseas. Carl Nelson returns from Hong Kong to join us […]

Dot Com Pho Cease Fire!

This just in! After over three weeks of what appeared to be a never ending battle with John Chow over his insistence of Dot Com Pho staying in Richmond, I’m happy to report that a cease fire agreement has been reached and the Yes We […]