MEGATechNews – Time To Kick It Into Top Gear!

WAY back in 2007, I was really bored one day. So in a coffee shop, I registered a domain name, created a really horrible looking header image, and MEGATechNews was born! MEGATechNews was: A site created in about 20 minutes that had no real direction. But it’s 2011 now and things are about to change.

I always thought that MEGATechNews had the potential to be a great little spot for quality bite sized chunks of tech news on a variety of topics, from computers to consumer electronics to weird tech that captures the imagination. While the site has been really good at being a repository of news posts for all the great sites that link back to the content produced at Futurelooks, it wasn’t until I decided to post a story about a “finger mouse” from COMPUTEX 2007 that it dawned on me that one day, MEGATechNews could be as great, if not greater, than Futurelooks. That story was actually DUGG to the front page on DIGG. However, being one man with all my time devoted to Futurelooks made it impossible for me to create the quality of content I wanted to maintain at MEGATechNews. Then at CES 2011 this year, things started looking up for the future of the site.

Deals Are Really Made at CES

During the week of CES this year, we actually posted a few things that totally fit the gadget focus of MEGATechNews and sent it out to our affiliate sites. The response was fantastic as over night, traffic tripled on the little site that no one really looked at. I had also floated out bids to have some direct ads finance the growth of the site and long term supporter of Futurelooks, ZALMAN, stepped up as our first advertiser. You can see the banner in the 728×90 spot at the top so make sure you check out the great products they make.

In the meantime I’m working on closing other deals that will ensure that we get to grow MEGATechNews and give it the love it deserves. But the biggest competitive advantage that MEGATechNews has is the 10 years of relationships that I’ve built at Futurelooks. While many sites fail within the first year, this one has almost everything it needs to succeed.

The “Kwan” Factor

OK, MEGATechNews almost has everything. But what it didn’t have was strong leadership and fresh talent. So that’s where Michael Kwan comes in.

Michael has worked with me for a very long time and he’s written for many tech related sites including MEGATEchNews and Futurelooks where he specializes in mobile products including laptops and phones and gadgets. He is known for a no nonsense, straight to the point evaluation style that would really work well for this new site. Something that he could continue developing as the new Managing Editor. While he is best known as a “freelance” writer, I knew that he was perfect for this post when he finally liked it and put a ring on his long time sweet heart. Clearly he’s not just a freelancer that hops around. He could commit and that was the last thing on my checklist before making an offer.

If you want to write for a fresh new gadget blog, you might want to keep an eye on MEGATechNews for your chance to shine soon!

Like It. Follow It. Subscribe to It.

Michael’s first post as “The Man” gives us all the things we need to keep up with MEGATechNews. We’ve given it the power of Twitter, Facebook and soon YouTube. So make sure you go out and social media up with the new site. Give him all the support that you’ve been giving Futurelooks and make sure you let him know every day that he’s doing a fantastic job because at the end of the day, I might be around in the background, but this is his ship. I’m just the the “Number One” to his “Jean Luc Picard” on this voyage.