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Infamous Nintendo Wii Component Cables Delayed

Well, it looks like Nintendo has delayed the shipping of the Wii Component cables by yet another week. Initially, they were to ship on the 22nd. Now it looks like the 28th of November, or after:

Orders entered prior to Wednesday, November 22, 2006 will be shipped on or after November 28. Orders entered on or after Wednesday November 22, 2006 will ship when our new quantities arrive (week of December 18, 2006).

The longer I wait, the more itchy I get to try hacking my composite Wii cables into Component ones. Looks like I have to deal with ugly Wii picture on the HDTV for just a bit longer. What I also found interesting was this disclaimer at the bottom of the product page:

Due to limited supplies, Wii Component Video Cables orders are limited to one per household. Any duplicate orders will be canceled without notification

I guess people must have ordered hundreds of these to sell on eBay. Well, looks like that won't happen when Nintendo is on the case. I guess there will be a lot of angry eBay pre-order customers as a result of this.

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