Hanging Out with Arctic Cooling

Michele Scherrer, Arctic Cooling’s North American VP took me out to lunch today. She flew in from New York to visit all of her retailers and distributors in Western Canada, and decided Futurelooks was cool enough to be part of that visit.

Because she was from New York, it was important to go somewhere that would really impress upon her the greatness of West Coast cuisine. So, we went down to Iron Chef Rob Feenie’s casual dining concept called…what else… FEENIE’S. The restaurant is located in the trendy Kitsilano area of Vancouver, and is a destination for all fine dining aficionados…on a budget. Parked next door, is Rob Feenie’s LUMIERE, a fine dining heaven in Vancouver known for extravagant meals that will put some people back a paycheck. Rob Feenie is also credited with slaying Iron Chef Morimoto in the great “Crab Battle” hence his Iron Chef designation. I’ll be going there in December for the quarterly fine dining feast. Unfortunately, it looked like the celebrity chef thing was wearing him down. He had huge bags under his eyes as he ran back and forth between the two restaurants. Hopefully he’s more alive when I come there for my feast.

I couldn’t believe Michele when she ordered up a Poutine! I couldn’t believe that what she orded was only the medium! It was huge! I wish I had a picture. She said they didn’t have them in NYC, and was craving it. I was like, damn, you know how to order! She made me share it, and of course, I shared!

We also had a white navy bean soup with truffle oil and bacon foam. For our mains we had the sable fish done in miso on a bed of tender baby bok choy. For desert, she had the chocolate fondant, while I wasted away in Creme Brulee heaven. I swear, my stomach will be happy for a week! After the meal, Michele just couldn’t stop raving about how great the food was and how she would be bringing her retailers and distributors down for a celebration before she leaves for New York. I was very happy that she liked my selection in eateries. I definitely think I did good representing Futurelooks 😉

Thanks again Michele!