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Getting Paid to Surf...Again...

Does everyone here remember AllAdvantage? AllAdvantage was a pay to surf program that paid its users for surfing the web and viewing an ad at the bottom of the page. Although there was some fraud from users that suck, the majority of us still enjoyed getting a couple hundred dollars a month to pay for our high speed internet and cable bills. Well, AllAdvantage is still dead, but something else just took its place.

AGLOCO has just burst on the scene with their own service that pays people to surf the web. Instead of paying out all the money this time, they will be holding back some to fund operations. The problem with AllAdvantage was that all of the money went to its users, without thinking about the consequences: No money equals no more running the business. This time, you get a share of the income with the remainder covering their expenses to run the program. So you don't get paid as much by the sounds of it, but because they seemed to have figured out the sustainability part, you will get paid over the long term.

To sign up, visit AGLOCO and use my referral code of BBBB1092. Then that way, I get credit for telling you guys, and John gets credit for telling me. That's right! Like AllAdvantage, AGLOCO also has a referral program so if you sign up enough people, you might be able to roll in a little dough. Food for thought 😉

UPDATE:There seemed to be lots of questions about the program, so I wrote up a better explanation, and broke it down in this post.

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