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Cousin Gary and ISOHunt...

Okay, I don't really think he's my cousin, but I kinda take notice when my last name is used in an article chronicling a website that is being sued by the MPAA (The Hollywood Copyright Police).

In this article from CBC, Gary Fung of Richmond, BC Canada, is being sued by MPAA for running his site ISOHunt. His site basically indexes media files on the web, in particular, movies. They say he's stealing. He says he's just indexing, but Hollywood says he's violating copyrights. Hmm... I don't get that. How can you violate copyright when you all you are doing is just indexing files that are already openly available out on the web? In fact, isn't he just giving Hollywood another tool to go after the real copyright offenders?

Well, goodluck Cousin Gary! See you at the reunion 😉

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