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Building an Office...

Yesterday, I put together my new equipment rack complete with a DELL gigabit switch and a patch panel.  It will be the backbone for my communications and networking.  I spent about $400 bucks at the electrical place buying RJ45 ends, boots, cables, and rack shelving.  Next, I spent another $150 on a UPS.  After hooking it all up with my D-Link router, the network has never been happier.  My VONAGE calls have never been so crystal clear.  It is amazing what a good switch can do for a congested network.  It helped a bit that the router had StreamEngine technology like the stuff inside the Hawking Broadband Booster I reviewed @ Futurelooks.

I tried running the network off the UPS, and no problem!  Looks like in a Jam, I'll have about an hour of juice to get me through a brown out.  More to come as I piece the room together. Futurelooks is going to have a great place to do business in!

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