An Evening of Fine Dining at DB Bistro Moderne Vancouver

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to check out the new DB Bistro Moderne Restaurant. If the location looks familiar, that’s because this used to be Feenies Restaurant home of the famous Feenie Burger and Iron Chef Slayer, Rob Feenie. Rob had a falling out with his partners a little while ago and as a result, he was out and ended up slinging food at the Cactus Club. Although this may seem like a fall from the culinary heavens, it seems that he’s quite happy at Cactus Club but it’s gotta hurt to lose your signature restaurant, Lumiere.

At any rate, someone had to takeover and so they hired world famous Daniel Boulud to revamp Feenies and Lumiere. Although Lumiere is mostly unchanged, the restaurant formerly known as Feenies has been totally redesigned. There’s a patio for the Summer and they’ve really turned the place upscale to match Lumiere. The concept for food however will still be towards affordable fine dining like Rob originally envisioned for that space.

Here’s a look at one of their new menus that I had a chance to sample with John Chow and members of the SIP Social Club. You may want to bring a bib because this video is savoury…

The funny thing about this menu is that it was supposed to be offered to us upstairs at Lumiere. The club had booked Lumiere, but a last minute change sent us packing back downstairs to DB Bistro Moderne as John mentioned in the video.

The food was OK as some of the dishes were definitely not up to par according to the group and myself. We all felt that the Coq Au Vin was merely mediocre, but the Slow Baked Halibut was pretty awesome. No one had the vegetarian option that I’m aware of. Of course, that didn’t stop me from eating everything, but that’s just the way I am. I even had a chance to sample their version of a a high end “Jumbo Mixed Grill” which they called the Alsatian Choucroute Royale. It was definitely smaller than the Kam Do Mixed Grill, but everything is smaller than the Kam Do Mixed Grill.

When it came time for dessert, everyone had mixed feelings but no one raved about anything. I had the Alsatian Apple Tart, but that really didn’t do it for me. The Citrus Lime Floating Island was totally unfulfilling. I guess we really missed Rob Feenie’s famous Creme Brulee.

Overall though, if I saw this menu at Lumiere, I’d be pretty disappointed because I’d expect way better. But since we had it down at DB, I can’t be as harsh because it fit this restaurant. However, the $55 price tag per person was a little high for the quality of what we had. Keep tweaking Daniel and company.