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AGLOCO Already Playing Favourites

AGLOCO, that new getting paid to surf program I've been blogging about is considering giving people with huge referral networks a special email address. OK. Did I miss something here? I thought AGLOCO was supposed to be about building a community. Well, it looks like the community plays favourites. In addition to the special email address, AGLOCO is also entertaining the notion of providing priority support through the use of this address.

If you haven't figured out the implications, this will mean that people with huge networks will only get bigger, while the rest of you will toil like peasants. Based on the comments from their official blog, this isn't going over too well. If you're going to be a community, support everyone equally. The other implication is if you don't support the little guys, they'll just suffer and quit. Once they quit, the big guys fall too. An upline is nothing without its downlines.

I really don't know where AGLOCO's head was with that post, but if you don't want to be a toiling peasant, you better sign up soon.

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