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A Special Gift from SAITEK...


A couple weeks ago, my good friends at SAITEK told me that I'd be getting something VERY SPECIAL in the mail. Of course, I get lots of special stuff for my staff every day, but this was specifically for me. But a special present Pour Moi? I was touched!

Sure enough, today something from SAITEK arrived. As I opened the box, it looked like one of their cool SAITEK ECLIPSE II keyboards that I had been banging on. There was a letter inside that said that this was a very limited edition keyboard, that would not be sold and I would join one of 100 users that would own one.

Oooo!  A LTD EDITION CHROME SAITEK ECLIPSE II! 62 of 100...and you can't buy it! Looks like 80's Battlestar Galactica with the chrome, black, and red glow!

Each one is individually numbered and signed personally for authenticity. I thought to myself, what could possibly be so special about this keyboard that it had to be numbered? Check out the chrome plating! Is that sweet or what! Makes me feel totally 1337. Thanks Saitek!

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