The Latest Booty Haul from COMPUTEX!

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The Latest Booty Haul from COMPUTEX!

I told you about my lucrative night at the Thermaltake party where I won an iPod Nano. Well, last night, I got even more free schwag!

Firingsquad Pushes out the Booty!

At the Firingsquad Party sponsored by friends from The Firingsquad, I made off with a whole bunch of free schwag including several games from EA and a few USB Flash Drives. I also received a whole bunch of T-Shirts, a Laptop Cooling Pad, and a RAZER Gaming Mouse as a few of the highlights. Firingsquad ran the same event last year, but with increased interest and sponsorship, they made this event even better than the last.

The event celebrated computer gaming and hardware and featured a friendly tournament pitting manufacturers against eachother in some gaming action. At the event, Firingsquad announced that they would be expanding into the Chinese Market with a fully localized publication. We wish them luck in the endeavour and look forward to hauling away more booty at next year's event!

At the SuperTalent party later that night, I added a couple more USB Flash Drives to the pile. All in a days work! 😉

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  • Like Natron said, you're getting some great schwag compared to the conferences that I have attended. The last one I was at had the stress balls and t-shirts. The best thing at my conference may have been the electronic dice and that is a stretch.

    I'm attending the wrong conferences.

    • Leo

      You and me both Derek. I've got more than enough shampoo for any guy with a shaved head.
      Thank goodness I'm really there for the free food 🙂

  • Very nice schwag indeed, you really racked up with games there!

  • Oh I'll take the Battlefield 2 😉

  • This was just the stuff I could carry! There will be more free stuff when I get home 😀

  • Leo

    Hey man, I got shampoo. I'm frickin' bald!!!

  • damn thats better than CES stuff!

  • Last convention I went to all we got were some pens and those rubber balls you squeeze to help with stress. I need to find better conferences.