Was It The Michael Phelps Diet? Or the Water in Eureka?

I’m sure that most of you that read my blog know that I have this propensity to go for broke when I eat. Some kid that I’m “eating for two” or three or even ten. In fact, in my last few food challenges (like the 

Stephen Fung vs. Pho Garden’s Giant Pho Challenge

Somewhere in San Francisco there is a place that serves what could very well be the BIGGEST PHO in the world and this place is called Pho Garden. This eatery kicked off my US tour of three places that I wanted to hit during my 

Stephen Fung vs. Beth’s Southwestern Exposure 12 Egg Omelet!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. That pretty much described my crazy foodie challenges while I enjoyed my time down in California and the Bay Area. The first challenge which was San Francisco’s Pho Garden’s Pho Challenge, a massive 

Stephen Fung vs. Iguana’s Burritozilla!

Nestled in this seemingly quiet part of Downtown San Jose is a little Mexican Taqueria known as Iguanas. This place is an easily recognizable landmark in the downtown core and has been feeding the many hungry students that attend the neighboring San Jose State University 

Stephen’s Silly Talents – Tying a Cherry Stem in a Knot

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2009) in Las Vegas is a big show. Every year I do it, I need at least a few days to recuperate. That means that during whatever downtime we have, we need to rest and have as much fun as 

Tackling The KFC Big Bowl Meal…

Well, Michael and I are in Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. If you’ve been following our Twitter Tweets while we’ve been gone, you know we’ve been pretty busy trying to find cool gadgets and other interesting gear at the show. During the last few days, we’ve