Stephen Fung vs. Pho Garden’s Giant Pho Challenge


Somewhere in San Francisco there is a place that serves what could very well be the BIGGEST PHO in the world and this place is called Pho Garden. This eatery kicked off my US tour of three places that I wanted to hit during my road trip to the US. They included Iguana’s Tacqueria for the Burritozilla Challenge, Beth’s Cafe and their 12 Egg Southwestern Exposure Omelet Challenge and of course the Pho Challenge!


As you might have figured out, I kind of posted my challenges out of order. This one was my biggest disappointment because it was the one I was looking forward to the most. Ever since I found out about this challenge, I wanted to do it, not only for myself, but for the pride of Dot Com Pho. What says Pho more than a bowl that is nearly two feet wide, filled with 2 lbs of meat and 2 lbs of noodles?

Of all of the Dot Com Pho Gang, it’s clear that I was the only logical choice to take on and defeat this challenge due to the fact that I have this tendency to finish things like the Kam Do Mixed Grill and have a reputation for eating massive hamburgers.¬†Unfortunately, as luck would have it, my inexperience at this type of gargantuan challenge put me at a disadvantage. I did not have my strategy in place and I did not follow my instinct which was to attack hard and fast; a tactic that led to my success in Seattle at Beth’s Cafe with a massive 12 egg omelet.

Despite the disappointment that this challenge represented, this also is a reminder that I do learn quickly and that experience is everything. Enjoy the video!

You’ll find more pictures from the infamous Pho Garden Pho Challenge after the jump. Stay tuned for more food adventures coming up soon!