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More Free Stuff To Be Given Away!

Futurelooks is on a roll, giving away Free Stuff every week for 8 weeks.  The contest for the Week Two Goodies was just announced this morning, and it's kinda weird to see people camping out at your site to get one of the first chances […]

Quick Update - Professional Gaming and BIG Contest Launches!

Man, it has been a busy busy couple weeks so I'm sorry about the lack of updates.  Here are a couple..   For starters, I've just finished up my coverage of the World Cyber Games 2007 in Seattle on Futurelooks. Since I'd never been to an […]

Eight Crazy Weeks of Free Stuff!

I love free stuff.  Now it's time to share it! I've been working on this giveaway for a couple weeks now, getting a hold of enough product to last through 8 CRAZY weeks of giveaways.  Each week, Futurelooks will be giving away at least two […]

The US Dollar Sucks, But They Get the Halo 3 Action First!

So do we have a Toys R'us botched BIOSHOCK release again?  Or is it as serious as the Harry Potter early sale incident at Superstore in Canada?  Well, it's actually neither, but it doesn't mean it's fair! Will Little Johnny Stock Boy Get Fired?   I […]

Who Wants to Play HALO 3?

  To celebrate the launch of the NEW Futurelooks Forums Design and the highly anticipated return of Master Chief in HALO 3, Futurelooks is giving you a chance to win the big daddy of all the HALO 3 flavours, HALO 3 LEGENDARY EDITION!  See the contest […]

Last Day To Win The SuperTalent USB Flash Drive!

Just wanted to let you guys know that it is the LAST DAY to enter the contest to win this USB Flash Drive by SuperTalent.  At 200x, this drive is one of the fastest out there, and it can all be yours if sign up […]