Yet Another Victory Ceremony at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Canada didn’t get to jump on the podium this past Friday evening like it did last Monday thanks to the efforts of Alexandre Bilodeau. However, Friday’s Victory Ceremony was just as exciting for the Aussies and Yankees. But before hardware was given out, we had to raise a flag, and celebrate the Northwest Territories.

Sitting way up in the nose bleeds in the cheap 22 buck seats, here’s what my Telephoto lens and I captured…

Before any hardware was given out, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, better known as the RCMP, brought in the colours of the Olympics and hoisted them up high for all to see.

Next, the Northwest Territories did their thing with some dancing…

Then they did a little singing for us in. Oddly enough, it wasn’t in Inuit so everyone could understand…

And they also showed us what a real Winter Olympics looks like. Apparently, it has to do with sitting on your ass and kicking a seal pelt among other things.

They also showed off some Inuit Rap and Hip Hop. If Ice Cube is from the US, then this guy must be IceBerg.

After the cultural exchange, it was time to give out the medals. Australia’s Torah Bright took home the Gold in Women’s Half Pipe while the US’s Hannah Teter grabbed the Silver, followed by Kelly Clark also of the US for the Bronze.

Of course, a ton more pictures can be found after the jump. Stay tuned for more pictures from the evening starring Theory of a Deadman in a post coming up.