What’s With Drivers These Days?

I was driving out to breakfast with Kelly today and a police car was coming up the middle of the road with its sirens blaring.  It definitely looked like it was in a hurry to get somewhere.  The first thing in my mind was to pull over because obviously if a police cruiser is booking it down the road like that, someone is in trouble, and they need to get there fast.  I pull over, but a few people behind me decide to punch it around me and play “Oh look at the police car!”  WTF?  Did I miss something here?  Are we NOT supposed to pull over when emergency vehicles are coming up the road? Well, I sure hope no one delays your emergency call when you need them.

When we get to the cafe, as we’re walking up the parking lot, some idiot books it up the middle of the parking lot in his piece of shit truck and screeches into the 10 minute loading zone spot at the front of the lot.  It looks like when its not a loading spot, its the ramp for the handicap spot beside it.  I guess the guy was in some sort of rush.  As we head in, we see that its some dopey looking guy.  Let’s just say he’s there for more than 10 minutes and he’s in no rush. What a dick!

I just had to get that off my chest.