What’s The Deal With MegaTechNews?

Well folks, the cat is out of the bag! It’s true. MegaTechNews is my doing 😛

MegaTechNews is LIVE!

Before I tell you why MegaTechNews exists, I’d like to point out the outstanding work done by some ReviewMe (aff) Virgins. After making a deal with the Root of All Evil to have him do a review of MegaTechNews, I really needed to do something that would allow me to exit the darkness. Thanks to an awesome Half Off Promo, I picked three ReviewMe Virgins and “Devirginized” them. ReviewMe virgins have never done a ReviewMe review before, and I thought I would spread some blogosphere cheer. Here’s what they turned out for me:

Thanks again for the great reviews. You are now officially no longer ReviewMe (aff) virgins 😉 I’ll definitely be putting some of your suggestions into practice at my earliest convenience. So now the burning question…Why MegaTechNews?

I Was Bored?

Actually, that isn’t far from the truth MegaTechNews was born at my local coffee shop on a snowy December 2006 afternoon. I was surfing for tech news and I really wanted a way to just consolidate everything in one place. I remembered that I had this domain name registered, so I decided to do something with it, thus MegaTechNews was born! I actually set it all up and PhotoChopped the logo together while I was finishing off an Americano and a Cookie. MegaTechNews was never actually supposed to go anywhere. It was really just for me and the search engines to chew on. However, a great Half Off Promo and the opportunity to help some ReviewMe Virgins was something I couldn’t pass up! So now the world knows 😀

I started posting cool tech and gadget news that I would come across on occasion. I often just used it to bookmark news that I wanted to come back and look at later. This also allowed me to stop cluttering up my own blog with tech news, and allow me to focus on talking about business, blogging, and personal stuff.

Soon, I built up a nice little library of cool techie news, but it was taking too much of my time, so I found some Ninjas and asked the Futurelooks Team to pitch in whenever they could (Thanks Alex!). I still post a couple things everyday, but a lot of the news comes from everyone else. It’s sort of like a DIGG without the juvenile behaviour. Now I’ve got a place to go everyday for something new and techie to read about.

Last month, I decided to ditch the old affiliate news feed I was using at Futurelooks, and replaced it with the one from MegaTechNews. You can see it in full syndication right here. The reason I did this was to have more control over the news posting and to really get some interesting technology news over there, rather than just the regular Affiliate News and Reviews. It’s working out quite nicely.

So there you have it! There’s MegaTechNews in a nutshell. If you have any suggestions, please pass them my way. If you want to volunteer to be a MegaTechie Ninja, let me know too. I can always use a fresh perspective 😉