What Kind of Exercise Do They Mean?

I just came back from a run, and man do I feel useless right now. I’ve got like no energy. I felt like keeling over and my stomach just started burning from hunger shortly after. Good thing it was snack time again. I needed something stronger than those so called “Snacks” from the Isagenix program so I had two almonds and a hardboiled egg. The hardboiled egg is one of the snack suggestions, so no cheating there. That hit the spot, but I have a feeling, I’ll be hungry sooner than later.

I really don’t know what kind of exercise they mean in the manual. All it says is at least 20 minutes of exercise. I was OK the day I did the indoor circuit training, but I can’t possibly imagine going for a run, and not feeling all whoozy like I did. Since today is a full cleanse day, I’ll probably have even less energy tomorrow. I do have this powder that they gave me with the kit that is supposed to give you extra energy. I’ll give that a try tomorrow to see if that improves things.