The Day After…

So yesterday I mangled up my car in a fender bender. Today, I started to feel where it hurt.  My lower back and my neck are a little sore, but so are my elbows from hanging on to the steering wheel, and my shins from pushing down hard on the brake and the clutch during the impact.  Although my car is a mess, at least I’m not.  I don’t think its anything that some Chiropractor and Massage Therapy can’t fix.  I’ll be seeing the doctor tomorrow to grab a referral.

It was interesting how my calls to the Insurance Company were handled yesterday after the accident.  I called ICBC first.  They took my details and as soon as I told the telephone rep that it was a rear ender and I was the last car, she automatically told me that I was totally at fault (not disputing since I was the last car), but automatically decreed that I would lose my safe driver discount based on my current discount. Although that isn’t exactly correct, and I still retain it due to my long, no-fault driving record, it was curious to see that a judgement was automatically made.  At any rate, she noticed that I had secondary coverage NOT through ICBC and passed the buck to them when I inquired about who would be towing my car away because my car was not driveable.  Off to BCAA I guess.

BCAA (like an AAA) provides my secondary coverage.  I went to them for my insurance coverage because they were substantially less money than the other insurers.  The service was still brand new when I inquired about it, but the rates were unbeatable at the time so why not.  I found out how new they were when I talked to the customer service rep that took the details of my accident.  When I inquired about towing, the rep couldn’t get me a tow truck, and asked me to call for my own tow truck which my adjuster would reimburse me for on Monday if I fax the receipt to them.  Like I carry a frickin’ phone book in my car 😛 

When I asked them to patch me through to BCAA so I could use my roadside assistance, the guy had to go away and look up the phone number.  Umm… Aren’t you the same company?  Although the insurance is underwritten by ING Direct, the service is still for BCAA customers, and I found it a little bit imcompetent that they didn’t even know the phone number to their Roadside Assistance department.  In fact, he asked me if I knew the phone number.  I wouldn’t be asking if I knew now would I?

After he is finally able to patch me through, I find out that my Roadside Assistance coverage has expired.  What?  When I renewed my auto insurance I was told I was still covered and I received no indication that my coverage had lapsed.  Well that sucks, so I had to pay the initiation rate all over again and get my car towed. At that point, I was no in the mood to complain, so I just give them my money in the hopes that they’d get me a quick tow. They put the call through to the tow truck company and told me that it would take 20 – 30 minutes.

An hour later, there was no truck, so I called them again.  They apologized and offered to try to call up a second tow truck company.  No problem, they call up the other company, and that company says 30 minutes.  Another hour later, the tow truck guy shows up, but at least he’s sorry it took so long.  He said something about the last regular truck going out as they intercepted the call.  At least he showed up and I got my tow. The driver was really excited about his new tow truck.  It was pretty cool because he basically did everything without even getting out of the cab.  Ahh technology!  I had him tow me back to my place so that my car was safe and I had some time to yank all my stuff out of it before I get it towed down to inspection.

As I was stripping out all my personal stuff from my car today, I finally got a good look at the damage and realized just how much impact my car took in keeping me safe.  The radiator was completely pushed into the engine block and it looks like my engine block was shoved down.  The sockets where my lights used to be were no longer attached to anything.  I’m still amazed that my AirBag never went off.

For Seven Years, my Subaru Impreza has been faithful and reliable and for the second time in its life, I called on it to keep me safe.  The first time was a rear ender.  I had plans to drive the first car that I bought till it died of natural causes, but if it does gets written off, I’m ready to say goodbye.  I’m just glad that I didn’t have to say goodbye to you guys.  Thanks for all the well wishes everyone 🙂