The Reason Why We Had No Pho in Taipei...

We had Taiwan beef noodles, hot pot, heck, we even had EPIC curry. But unfortunately, our plans for Dot Com Pho went to the dumps as we had to eat out of modern toilets for our weekly meet up. We never had one string of Vietnames Noodle in Taipei, which we affectionately know as "Pho". Well, there … Continue reading

Dot Com Pho - Massive DUMP Edition

During my trip to Taipei, the Dot Com Pho Crew hit many odd and wonderful eateries. Unfortunately, John Chow wasn't part of most of those because he wanted to stay indoors and not go anywhere in the hot humid heat...which pretty much means...he never left. Now we thought that our usual digs of Pho … Continue reading

COMPUTEX 2008 Booth Babes Anyone?

While I figure out how to reset my internal clock to Vancouver time and dig through all these videos and pictures, I'll keep you folks occupied with the Futurelooks COMPUTEX 2008 Booth Babe Gallery. This gallery contains over 168 photos for your viewing pleasure. If you want to know who we … Continue reading