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Completely Random Things – Presidential Election 08 Edition

So today is the day that Americans decide whether Obama wins or McCain wins. Although much of the planet is already pulling for some “Barack and Roll” in the White House, it seems that there are some rather interesting opinions about the World Favourite in […]

McFast and McFurious

In a last ditch effort to salvage his campaign, John McCain has turned to Hollywood to get him hip and happening with the kids. Combatting Barack Obama’s eloquence and celebrity status while cleaning up his running mate’s blunders is no small feat. Co-Starring Jesus Christ […]

Dry Hump That Vote Americans!

If our politicians were a little bit better at voter foreplay, we might have been able to seal the deal and elect a majority goverment. Instead, Canada blew a wad on a pointless election with one of the lowest voter turn outs ever. But then […]

The US Presidential Race Comes Down To Dance Off

This just in! Barack Obama and John McCain have decided to take it to the dance floor… Man, that McCain can move for an old man, but was no match for Obama’s soul train. However, Soccer Mom Sarah Palin can really shake that thang. If […]