Stephen Fung’s Scene Stealing Cameos…

Yes, and I enjoyed every minute of it! 😆

This past Saturday at Dot Com Pho, Ed “Customer Service is My Priority” Lau and Michael “The Russian Rocket” Kwan announced the winner of their random draw for a 4 GB iPod nano. The draw was to help them gather enough domain name ideas to launch a brand new hockey blog later this Fall. After they decide which name to go with out of all the entries, they will be announcing the winner of the 8 GB iPod nano.

In order to make the draw for this great prize official and somewhat legitimate, they decided to film the draw. Please note that it was totally unscripted and the jaw dropping stupidity that you are about to see was for effect only. We’re actually much worse in person.

If you fast forwarded through it for the winner, you missed all the crazy antics. Take a chill pill, remove your hand from the mouse, and relax and enjoy the few minutes that you’ll never get back again and watch it till the end. Just so you know, John Chow was not acting. The Root of All Evil is really like that in real life…but we asked him to scale it back for the video because we didn’t want to have to slap a NC-17 on it for gratuitous Panda Slaying. I’m surprised they put me in as many times as they did in the video. Makes me totally look like a scene stealer. Love it! 😀

Pay Attention and Win a T-Shirt!

Can you guys guess who and what I was mocking and impersonating in my clips? The first person to get it all right will win a FiringSquad T-Shirt just like the one I’m wearing in the video.

Pay Attention and Win a T-Shirt!

In order to rack up the Comment Whoring Count, I will also do a draw for an AMD Tech Tour 2007 T-Shirt on Friday for the Top Comment Whore as of Friday Night. Goodluck!