Stephen Fung DOT NET High Five

Normally called speedlinking, or even a blog tag, I decided to call it something different.  The Stephen Fung DOT NET High Five will feature five blog posts that I come across in my exploration of the blogosphere that I’ve read and that I think you should read too.  Enjoy!

  • Nate Whitehill touches on Top Five Reasons Why Blogs Don’t Last.  Nate has tossed in some information on how the blogosphere has stood still, even though we get new blogs popping up every day. If you want to blog for a living, you might want to have a read. Keeping a blog alive and regularly updated is not an easy gig.
  • Derek Semmler asks If Today Was the Last Day In Your Life, would you want to do what you are going to do today?  This is actually a really great goal setting question that I’ve asked myself in the past before doing what I do today.  I still ask myself this question on occasion when I’m in doubt.
  • FOXIMUS touches on the Evil Credit Card and how it is not your friend. For those of you that like to keep up with the Joneses, have you ever considered how much debt they are in to maintain that look of wealth? Definitely some points worth pondering.
  • Tyler Ingram looks at Monetizing Your Blog Or Not from the point of view of someone that isn’t making the big bucks yet.  If you’re considering monetizing for the first time, Tyler does a great job of talking about the programs that are available to you and his experience with them.
  • And finally… Kelly Cho, the winner of our Favourite Me for a Charity Draw touches On Fat Kids. Child obesity is a serious problem and Kelly weighs in with her thoughts on the subject.

If you want to be included in a future Stephen Fung DOT NET High Five, let me know you’re there!  I visit your blog whenever you drop a great comment on one of my posts and I’m always on the lookout for posts that I think are cool or make you go…hmm…