Some Speed Linkage…

I’d like to thank Saman for the inspiration for this post. He speed linked me on one of his posts, so I thought I’d continue on by speedlinking a few more blogs that I drop by. Speedlinking seems like a great way to spread a little bit of link love and to let people know that you like their stuff. Here are five posts that I’ve randomly chosen. If I didn’t link you today, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you 😉

  • Leo talks about his day on the set of the CTV drama “Whistler”.  Our favourite over featured extra from the Battlestar Galactica dishes out the dirt on other extras that seem to think they are better than everyone else.  It’s quite funny.
  • Tyler is showing off some Dot Com Mogul style!  He helped out a fellow blogger with a problem that was plaguing his blog.  The blogger, by the name of Paul, was so grateful, he dedicated a whole post to him. Way to go Tyler!
  • Clay gets ranty on David Suzuki for using a diesel bus for his Thinking Green tour and takes a poke at Al Gore for living in a house that uses twenty times more power than the average US home.
  • MyNewChoice has a great post on approaching the subject of money with children.  This is a great one to read for anyone who has rug rats that are starting ask for allowance.
  • And Finally…Dan at The Wrong Advices shares his thought on information overload on the web.  I’m sure this is something that all of us have run into with the plethora of sites that are available to visit these days.  His taskbar looks like mine!

Outstanding work fellow bloggers!  Keep it moving! 😀