Paintballing and “The STAG”…

No, not “The Stig” for all you Top Gear fans. I’m heading out to Maple Ridge, BC, Canada to play some paintball and to give my former boss a send off as he prepares to dawn the shackles of holy matrimony. I’ll have to admit that I’ve never actually played paint ball before. I guess I’ll have to load up some FEAR on the PC and practice a little in Multi-Player tonight.

Afterwards, we’ll hit the redneck “Gentlemens Club” so he can see what he’ll miss out on after he’s locked down. Hopefully he’ll forget after we feed him enough alcohol. You typically don’t want to remember redneck strippers. Scary stuff.

Congrats to the “Duff Meister” on pulling the trigger! We’ll miss you! LOL!