My Typical Dot Com Day

I don’t think I’ve done one of these posts before. This should be fun! I normally take the weekend off, but I’ll take days off as I feel like it. I’m not set in my schedule in any way. Heck, I really don’t have a schedule, however most days look like this…

My typical Dot Com Day starts off with me getting up. When? Well, that varies. If I’m up late working on some editing or playing games, I stay up pretty late, so I get up pretty late sometimes too. However, the rest of the world seems to wake up earlier than me so whenever I get woken up by a phone call or the postal service, I guess I’m up. If I don’t get disturbed, I still try to get my ass up by 11:00 AM.

Just because I don’t really work, doesn’t mean I don’t have a uniform or a dress code. My Dot Com uniform consists of my bathrobe, a T-Shirt and plaid pyjama bottoms. Fuzzy slippers optional. I used to just hang out in my underwear, but after a few close calls with door to door solicitors, I decided that it’d be safer to wear something.

After putting on the “uniform”, it’s time to fire up the Espresso machine for an Americano. Sometimes I’ll make regular coffee. If I wake up earlier than eleven, then I make breakfast. I’ve started using the Wii News Channel to keep me up to date with the world by watching the news on the Wii News Channel. I love my Wii 🙂 If it’s already eleven, I’ll just have coffee because lunchtime will be coming up soon. With some coffee to start my day, I proceed to my daily duties. I then go to my office…20 feet away…

After I get in from my long “commute”, I get into my office and take care of my emails and phone messages, and then go on to check my site stats. I’ll also take this time to catch up on forum posts at Futurelooks, answer comments on my blog (but as you guys know, I do that all day long) and chat with my writers if they are online. After all that, it’s time for lunch!

Recently, I decided that it might be a good idea to meet up with other Dot Com Guys for Saturday Pho. However, that’s only Saturday. During the week, I’ll make lunch at home, or head out to my local coffee shop or sushi place with a book and get an hour of reading in while stuffing my face. I try to get out there by no later than 1:30 PM. Sometimes, if one of my local writers are free, I’ll grab them for lunch, but since everyone has a day job, that’s pretty rare. After lunch, I’ll go pick up any freebies that may have shown up at couriers and run whatever errands I need to do while I’m out.

After I get home, it’s time for another break! I’ll usually sit down and catch up with some stuff on the PVR that I’ve recorded, or play some Nintendo Wii, or take a nap. When I’m done my second break, I’ll start to work on new articles or reviews for a couple more hours. Then it’s time for dinner!

Because I like to cook, I normally eat at home, but I will indulge in a fine dining experience once in a while or recently, a not so fine dining experience. If I’m heading out for some exercise, I’ll usually do it before dinner so I’ll have a snack and then dinner later. After dinner, I take another break in front of the TV, or play more Nintendo Wii, or just surf the web for new ideas for my sites.

I usually launch new articles at night so I normally take an hour or so before bed to finish edits and prepare my news flash email to send out to my affiliates. Sometimes if I’m feeling motivated, I’ll get things done during the day, and set my news flash to send out by itself. Everything is done by 10:30 PM. After, if I’m beat, I’ll head to bed. If I’m not, I’m up surfing the web or playing more games. If I’m feeling like a keener, I’ll get more work done on a new article. I end every night with a quick check of site stats before bed. That’s a typical day for Web Entrepreneur, Stephen Fung 😉