MMM… Memphis Blues BBQ…

When it comes to food, I’m weak for a lot of things. One of the two things on my weak list is Potato Salad and GREAT BBQ and yesterday, I had BOTH! MMM!

MMM… Memphis Blues!

Apparently, Leo has the same weaknesses so we took a trip down to Memphis Blues last evening for some slow cooked BBQ goodness. Memphis Blues makes the best BBQ in Vancouver by far, and everytime I go there, I feel filled to the brim with warm BBQ goodness. The platter you’re looking at is called the Memphis Feast and we couldn’t finish it. Initially, I was concerned that we wouldn’t have enough food, but I’m glad Leo talked me out of it. That Elvis Platter would have had me hailing to the King in the throne room.

Our Food Had Fans!

Our Memphis Feast was so impressive that we had fans. It was this guy’s birthday, so he decided to pose with our food. Good thing he didn’t touch it. Leo was getting ready to smack him in the face with the plate if he did. That was some good grub! I think I’m still full. I haven’t been hungry all day 😛