Lexi Starts Doing Unboxing Videos!

Lexi Starts Doing Unboxing Videos!

Nothing makes an Internet Dad prouder than seeing his kids take up the family business.  Especially when it’s completely their idea!

Lexi’s been watching toy unboxing videos on YouTube for a little while now. Her favourite seems to be Disney Car Toys, and just recently, she’s discovered EvanTubeHD recently. Yes, the same kid that makes 1.3 million dollars a year off YouTube. That’s no small amount of Mr. Potato Heads!

One day, Lexi’s mom broke down, and got her a new toy. But the funny thing was, she wanted to save her new toy, and wait till I got home, so that I could help her do an unboxing video. Wait. What?

The first toy she unboxed was the Disney Rapunzel Garden Tower by Play-Doh.

Yes, it was a little un-focused, and daddy had  to do a bit more “editing” to make it look OK, she was determined to get as much information out as possible.  She’s only four after all. Although this wasn’t her first time on video.

Then we did another unboxing video. This time, she unboxes the Disney Infinity Cars Playset.

This video was done just a couple days later, and you can see how much more confident she is. Most impressive, was just how much more focused she was.

As “Uncle Money” (aka Michael Kwan) remarked, it’s funny that this video is in 4K, and Futurelooks and MEGATechNews is still in lowly 1080p HD. My little girl deserves the best.

It took me a long time to get confident enough to do videos my YouTube channels, and I still screw up a lot. To see my daughter progress so quickly, makes me hopeful, that one day, she’ll take over the family business.

But for now, we’ll keep it fun, and let her decide if she wants to do a “video unboxing” of the toys she gets.