Letters to Stephen – That Isagenix Thing…

This is a letter that was sent to me a little while ago…

I am working with a person who is an Isagenix distributor…as far as I can figure she has literally eaten nothing but Isagenix for around 2 years; she is pretty sick and at 87 lbs not very pretty.

With a huge amount of effort and time I have got her to eat some real food and got 9 lbs back on her (and I take total credit for this , I have made much of the food in my own kitchen and her husband has taken it to her) but now that she is a little better she is back on Isagenix with a vengence; any attempts I have made to get her to eat some real food have fallen on deaf ears. I guess I can understand that as she is making money off of it. Unfortunately she has had to take a second mortgage on her house to pay the expenses of her Isagenix business and taxes on her earnings but that is a result of bad financial advice.

I have 3 questions for you if you are still using this product. what kind of long term effects have you noticed on your health ? does the Isalean shake gives you gas? have you noticed any reactions such as rash, headache,brain fog/ inability to track or keep a coherent train of thought??

If you would take the time to answer I would really appreciate it as any google I do just turns up an endless list of Isagenix reps..and I really want to help this gal but I need to make her see that if she goes out and eats a cheeseburger and a glass of milk once in a while it wont’t kill her. You sound pretty objective in your posts so I thought I would ask you opinion.

I’m not a doctor, and no I don’t play one on TV, but what I would say is that your friend has developed some sort of eating disorder that requires professional help. I’m the wrong person to ask about this, but I will answer the questions you posed to me:

What kind of long term effects have you noticed on your health?

Well, I’ve kept all the weight off. I guess the long term affect is developing the discipline necessary to watch what I eat. I struggled with that early on in the program, but once I found foods that filled me up while keeping with the calories prescribed, I was good to go. Since then, I’ve maintained moderation in my food, and try to reach for the healthy choices whenever available. I’m no longer on the Isagenix Program, but I’ve taken the controlled eating aspect to heart.

Does the Isalean shake gives you gas?

Without going into the gory details, oh yeah, definitely. My “Isa-Farts” were frequent :p

Have you noticed any reactions such as rash, headache,brain fog/ inability to track or keep a coherent train of thought??

Initially, when I started, I had the headaches, and the foggy thought. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I was going through caffeine withdrawal. I’m a total Coffee Fiend. The headaches went a way after the first few days and I started to have my wits about me again. I was also finding that my body adapted well to the lowered calorie and solid food intake. I was getting full on things that I would have previously considered nothing.

I’m sorry your friend is having the troubles she is having, but seriously, what she is doing to herself is not healthy and if you haven’t gotten the professional help and counselling for her, get it done. She’s really taken it to the extreme. You are a very good friend for taking care of her and standing by her. It sounds like she really needs you right now.

As for the financial side, this isn’t something new. Many Multi-Level Marketing fanatics get themselves into the same financial trouble because they blindly believe in the bull that their uplines are feeding them. It’s amazing how powerful some of these messages are to the desperate or uninformed. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of her “Successful Uplines” are masquerading around the brink of financial ruin themselves. Selling MLM is all about the presentation and the illusion of wealth. If she’s having to take out a second mortgage, then rest assured, she’s spending more than she is making and that’s no way to run any business. I hope everything will work out in the end.

The Isagenix Program, when followed carefully, did yield measurable results for me and those results have stayed with me with not much more than keeping up on watching my diet. But I’m also a huge burger fan and I have had some of the biggest burgers, but in moderation, it’s an indulgence your body occasionally needs. Having Isagenix Products as your only means of sustaining yourself is a bad idea.

For more stories about my Isagenix Cleanse Journey, you can check out my Top Posts where I chronicled my 11 day cleanse. Please consult a phsysician before starting anything like this as it really pushes your body.