Knight and Day's Incredible Hulk Burger

Knight and Day isn't my usual Fine Dining stop, but neither is Memphis Blues, but man am I just weak ass around BBQ! Despite my fondness for Foie Gras, there is nothing like a great burger once in a while. Besides putting the two together, which is actually a Feenies Signature Burger that I have yet to try, I needed a cheaper and sloppier alternative. Enter the "Incredible Hulk" Burger...

The Incredible Hulk Burger!

Knight and Day's Legendary "Incredible Hulk" Burger is a credit to its namesake. They stack a huge 100% beef patty on top of onions, lettuce, tomatoes and a fried egg. Yes, you heard me; fried egg. This might sound really odd, but believe me, it makes the burger so right. On top of the big beef patty is your standard processed cheese.

The top of the bun has a dab of salsa and a huge bavarian sausage sliced in half! It's almost like a Hot Dog crashed into the burger. Or better yet, it looks like the Incredible Hulk took a Hot Dog stand and tossed it into a burger joint. The salsa is the collateral damage. I'm so glad Leo suggested that we head over to this place on my way back home from the gym that day. It tasted so good, especially after working out. I think whatever calories I burned were put back on.

The Hulk Burger is Incredibly Huge!

Eating the burger was yet another adventure. After assembling the top of the burger onto the bottom, it was nearly impossible to insert into my mouth. I really had to squash this one down so that it WOULD fit...sort of. The waittress was smart to bring us some extra napkins. I guess she knew that we'd make messes of ourselves. When we were done devouring the massive Hulk Burgers, we looked like two victims of a Hulk Smash. We weren't moving anytime soon. This is one absolutely massive burger and at $12.00, it's worth every penny.

Hey Leo! Where are we going to test our stomachs next? 😉

  1. Man that looks really good. It sounded good when Leo mentioned it a few days back but seeing the pictures just makes it that much better.

  2. You should try the burgers in Australia, Even at the cheapest take away joint if you ordered a burger with the lot, and it doesn't have an egg then you'd be in your rights to demand your money back.

    • Probably when I run out of burgers to try out? 😆

      I'm actually planning to cleanse the week before I head to Taiwan for COMPUTEX. When I finished my first cleanse, I noticed that I didn't sweat very much anymore. Hopefully it will help me battle the heat and humidity in Taipei.

      • I remember following your story on that. Must have been an interesting week or 2.

        I tried a burger that big out in Utah a few years back. It might have actually been a tad higher as it had a cocktail stick through the middle so it didnt fall apart on the plate.

        • The burger was plated in two pieces so a stick wasn't necessary, but prowess at slapping together the two sides without losing any filling is a must.

  3. I still wanna try Wally's Burgers and Hamburger Heaven. I'm off tomorrow so maybe . . . ?
    BTW, it's real cheddar cheese on the Hulk, not that processed crap.

    • I'll meet you half way... Real Processed Cheddar Cheese. My real Cheddar Cheese that comes off the block doesn't melt that way 😛

      I'm done working out at 6:30 ish. I could put those calories back on right after. I'll give you a ring when I'm done 😉