I Love My New Stove!

When most people move into a house, chances are the appliances were already there. That’s why most people never get the pleasure of using a brand spanking new appliance. I’ve never had that pleasure until now…

If you recall, a couple weeks ago I had my stove go up in flames. My house smelled like smoke and my stove was in my front yard. I was days away from heading to CES and I needed a new stove. Luckily, SEARS was having a warehouse sale so I went down to have a look. I’d never shopped for a stove before, but I knew what I liked cooking on.

My new stove!

I eventually settled on this Kenmore unit which was on sale for about $200 off. It’s got a nice flat top ceramic cooking surface, touch screen clock panel, and dual size elements that allow you to turn the front two burners from small burners to big burners by turning the dial the opposite direction. Most importantly though, this oven was not a SELF CLEANING OVEN. My last oven went up in flames because I chose to be lazy and use it for the first time. There’s some bad JuJu behind that feature so I just said no this time.

Flat Top... Cool...

The flat ceramic cooking surface is just AWESOME! I’ve been cooking on it for the last week, and I’ve never had stove that heated up immediately, cooked evenly on all burners, and allowed me to use the cook top as a work surface for prep. It’s really nice. If you ever need to buy a stove, get one with a ceramic cook top. It’s worth it! The only thing I’m worried about is scratching it or cracking it. I’m pretty good at flipping my food in the pan so I’ll need to be more careful putting it down. I think I might have to start posting pictures of my creations again. I’m inspired to cook lots again.