How To Make a Complete Investigation According to ICBC…

So today I received a letter from ICBC. I figured it was just some letter informing me that a case from my car accident has been opened and that they were beginning their investigation. After all, I only called in the accident on March 24th, and since adjusters aren’t back into the office till March 26th on the Monday, they’d just be cracking that file open.

Instead, the letter says this:

We are writing to confirm that we have completed our investigation of your accident and have assessed responsibility against you at 100%.

Something is fishy. How do you do a complete investigation over the weekend, without all the details and my statement, and without an adjuster? What’s even more funny is that the letter was mailed this morning and arrived this…morning. Either the adjuster works really frickin’ fast, or no investigation was made.

I’m not disputing my responsibility. I hit the guy in front of me. It was just bad luck that it was wet and ugly, and those white crosswalk lines are like ice in the rain. However, to complete an investigation without doing an investigation is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. You have to wonder how many people just accept their judgment and run away. Should I even bother calling these jokers to make some noise?

Edit: I made a mistake. Today was the 27th. Looks like the letter was actually mailed yesterday, and arrived today, but in order for it to arrive today, it still would have had to go out in the early AM yesterday. The letter was signed as “Dial-A-Claim” which leads me to believe that someone hit the rear ender button and auto generated it to mail out as soon as I phoned in the claim.