Google Adsense Experiment – Recap

So on August 17, we started an experiement to see if a Personal Blog really could make money and what kind of things make the ads perform. There are a few Personal Blogs out there that make a lot of money and there are some blogs that think they make a lot of money. I’ve even seen blogs that I can’t recall at the moment, that call themselves experts when they are pulling in less than a buck a day. Always good for a chuckle. They should really look at this post.


Instead of regurgitating the mountains of tips that are out there, I’m going to share with you what seemed to work. Keep in mind, I don’t promote this blog past my friends, and other webmasters that know me, so whatever extra traffic I’m getting is just a bonus.

Pick a Focus Area

Even before you tweak ad placements, or colours, or creative sizes, the first thing that I’d like to recommend is for people who want their adsense to perform is to pick a targeted area to focus your blog on. When I started my experiment, I would blog on pretty much anything that I felt like because, afterall, it is my personal blog.

Recently, when I started my Isagenix Cleanse, I started making money on a more consistent basis. I started blogging about my plans to participate in this program, and then when the start day came, I started seeing consistent clicks over the last three days because the adsense ads were so well targeted. Also, since the health and dieting industry is so huge, there is a lot of competition for those clicks, so even the cost per click went up. I expect this trend to continue as I really get into the program.

Ads and Blending

The ads that worked best for this blog, may not work best for your blog, but what I found was that ads that were in the same space as your posts work the best. I settled on the Google 468 x 60 banner nested at the bottom of each post. The two things I’ve done to them have been to blend the text to match the fonts colours of the blog, and the little graphic to the left picked up a few percentage points as well. I was going to go to the extreme and put a 300 x 250 to the left of the text, but I figured that since this is still a personal blog, I wouldn’t want to drive away my friends. The last creative I settled on was one that sat at the bottom of my related posts. It’s a Google 234 half banner that blended awesome with the related posts. You can see a good example of it at work here.

At the end of September, this blog brought in around $20 bucks. However, keeping the targeting in mind, over $10 came in the last 5 days when I started blogging about my plans to start the Isagenix Cleanse and then the daily updates of my progress. All the other indicators like a good click through rate were where they needed to be. I could probably drive a bunch of traffic to this blog from a bunch of health and weight loss sites, and increase my dollars, but that’s not what my blog is about. It’ll always be a personal blog, but as shown here, it can have its minor Google Adsense success moments.

So that’s the little experiment, and my results from conducting it. Since the ads are pretty incognito, and no one has bitched about them, I guess I’ll leave them up. Who knows, maybe I’ll go on a tirade about something for a few days, and make a few more dollars. I can always use a good coffee 😉