Going to the Outback in Taipei…

G’day mates! It looks like Taiwan knows how to slap some meet on the barbie! It was great after we got over the initial sticker shock of a $260 bloomin’ onion!

Bloody Hell!  $260 for a Bloomin Onion!

After we came to our senses and realized again that our dollar is worth 30 of theirs, we proceed to drink!

It's true!  They do come in bottles!

I finally discovered a Taiwan beer in a bottle, so it is now OK to drink this stuff. Cans suck!

Girly Drinks...

Unfortunately, some people like John are still too disturbingly happy to order up the girliest of drinks: A Pina Colada. It was quite funny trying to order it. We kept asking for bullshit. Apparently, it sounds the same.

This concludes our non local eating habits. Today, we eat as the locals do. Stay tuned!