Favourite Me for a Charity Update

Before I head off to Las Vegas, I thought I’d thank those of you that have pimped out my contest and who have favourited me for a good cause. Some bloggers have really stepped up to do their part for charity and to knock that very important charity component off their Dot Com Mogul Checklists.  Most notably, Derek Semmler will be matching me dollar for dollar up to $100 for every person that Favourites me and Shawn Knight has pledged $50 if we make our goal.

Not to be outdone, Michael Kwan has also manned up.  He too will be contributing a dollar for every dollar that I give to charity through this contest up to $100.  I guess that kick in the chest for cancelling Top Gear really hit home.  That means that, potentially, we could hit $350 to charity if we can get to 100 favourites!

Remember, you have until Tueseday, April 10th, to get yourself in there and if you pimp this contest on your blog, I will definitely provide you a backlink.  If you’ve already done this, and I haven’t given you credit, please let me know

So far we’re at $35!  We need 65 more people to Favourite Me to get to the goal of 100 and a potential cash donation of $350 to a great charity!  Can we do this people? 😉