Favourite Me for a Charity Final Total

Though technically, the contest ended on April 10th, I decided to run it for a couple more days to see if we could raise that Technorati total.  But before I do that,  I’d like to thank Foximus for the last minute blog link to try to push this contest. Kelly Cho also linked to my contest during her Shout Outs so I’d like to thank her too.

How Many Did We Get?

As of the end of the contest, we have a grand total of Sixty Two that favourited me. This is quite a far cry from our goal of one hundred. Even with Gary Lee helping me out with his Technorati Fave Me Train, we still weren’t able to make our goal (Thanks for the support Gary!). Nonetheless, I’d like to thank everyone that participated in the contest by either favouriting me and or linking the contest. It’s nice to know that there is a solid core of Dot Com Moguls in the making out there.

Who Gets the Prize?

Well, we’ve got two prizes. We’ve got a $62 donation from myself Derek Semmler and Michael Kwan. This gives us a total donation of $189. Unfortunately, since we weren’t able to hit 100 favourites, Shawn Knight is off the hook for his $50 bonus, though if you rough him up a little, I’m sure he’ll donate the $50 anyway, making our total $239. Thanks guys for pitching in to fatten the pot up for a good cause.

After a random, non mathematical drawing, un-authorized by any accounting firm, I have pulled Kelly Cho’s name from the virtual hat. Kelly, please contact me with your shipping details and I’ll get the shiny new Microsoft Comfort Mouse 3000 courtesy of Futurelooks out to you ASAP.

Once again, thanks everyone for helping me out with my Dot Com Mogul Checklist and give yourselves a check on #8 too for participating in something that gives back.

House Keeping

If you linked to my contest and I haven’t given you credit, or I haven’t favourited you yet, please leave a note in this thread and I’ll get right on it 🙂