Dot Com Dim Sum!

Well today certainly started a bit late! I hope that you guys remembered to get your clocks sprung ahead that extra hour for daylight savings time.  Instead of giving up an extra hour, I decided to take an extra one by sleeping in!

Dot Com Pho Becomes Dot Com Dim Sum

Our regular Saturday Dot Com Meet Up changed venues this week to Sea Harbour Restaurant.  We normally end up at Pho Lan for our Dot Com Pho, but we decided that it was time to change it into Dot Com Dim Sum! The Sea Harbour restaurant is headed by a Chef that was trained by the student of the Chef that went up against one of the Original Japanese Iron Chefs in the Abalone Battle…and lost… What a great claim to fame! 😛

Dot Com Dim Sum

Besides the Root of All Evil, in attendance today was comment whore Michael Kwan from Beyond the Rhetoric, Ed Lau of [Ed]ition, and new Dot Com Retiree Greg Morgan of Coming Crisis. Even the offspring of the Root of All Evil, Sally Chow was in attendance.

The Big Bad Wolfe!

Our hero Wolfe showed his Austrian muscle and kicked some table dwellers out so we could get down to our Dot Com Dim Sum.  He huffed, and puffed, and blew them away! He also promised the staff that the Root of All Evil would set the table for them 😀

The Price of Dim Sum: Moto Sets the Table 

Once they figured out that Dot Com Pho was cancelled Jeff Kee, Rainer of Think Referrals with his son Matthew, and Gary Jones of BlueFur finally showed up about half an hour later at our new location.  I guess they didn’t get the Dot Com Memo.  At any rate, they were more or less on time. Apparently a reservation a day in advance doesn’t mean a whole lot in Richmond. We still had to wait nearly an hour for our table.  Luckily Wolf was hungry enough to kick ass so we got our table earlier. 

We had a great time and at the end we were surprised by the genorisity of BlueFur! Gary picked up the bill for all 40 dishes!  Wow!  Thanks again Gary!  If you want some of Gary’s generosity for yourself, you can take advantage of his excellent deals on hosting.  Make sure you use the code “JohnChowRocks” (I think Gary needs to change that to “EvilRocks”) for an additional discount on your hosting and don’t forget to check out the multi-year plans for even more generosity.  You’ll save a bundle and the Blue Furry Guys will take good care of you!

I wonder if Gary will sponsor the next one 😉