Do PayPerPost Posts Make You Feel Dirty?

PayPerPost (aff) has been getting a lot of flack as being the “Dirty” paid posting service. Despite their recent ruling towards full disclosure of all paid posts, many bloggers, including myself, have a difficult time finding opportunities that align with our own moral compasses. When I saw Michael Kwan blogging about UK Credit Cards I asked him if that was a PayPerPost, and he seemed a little embarrassed about it. In fact, it looks like he took his blog down to repent as of this writing. The last post I did was definitely borderline for me.

Despite PayPerPosts most recent efforts to clean up, some bloggers still need to shower regularly after posting. Though some people can just place the little “Sponsored by PayPerPost” button that you see at the bottom of this post and forget about it. Unlike posts that I’ve done for their competitor, the conditions placed on some of the higher paying opportunities makes it very difficult at times to manipulate the information into something that doesn’t make you look like you’re straining to make it work. Thus the review I did for Jay Profeit’s Blog came off really well and I actually put more effort into it than I would a regular PayPerPost review because I was not restricted.

The value of PayPerPost lies in the fact that it is accesible by many more bloggers due to less stringent requirements and the fact that you can select your own opportunities rather than having to be selected by the advertiser. However, just recently, PayPerPost came up with an interesting program that removes the need to question your morality and help you build blog traffic by reviewing posts done by other PayPerPost bloggers and is called ReviewMyPost.

Review My Posts and Get Paid!

The program is a hybrid between a referral program and a paid posting program because you get paid everytime someone signs up and reviews one of your posts and the reviewer gets paid too. PayPerPost gains too because they get another potential blogger that might want to take advantage of some of the other paid posting opportunities.

This technique to build traffic has been proven by John Chow in his Review My Blog Program, where he gives you a free backlink on his blog as payment for your review, which should hopefully drive some traffic to your blog. To enable PayPerPosts’ program, all you have to do is insert a button at the bottom of your post that asks people to review your blog. It looks like the one I have at the bottom of this post.

After checking the affiliate page out, it looks like when the blogger signs up using your button, a special opportunity shows up for them in their PayPerPost account for your blog. After they get qualified and paid for their review of your blog, you get paid. Current payout is $7.50 each for both the blogger and the blogged. The best part about this is that you not only build those backlinks to yourself, but you never have to do another one of those sometimes awkward paid post opportunities, unless you want to. This is a great way to bridge the gap between droughts of suitable opportunities and it’ll also save on the water bill because you’ll be taking less showers.

Make your first $7.50 US by clicking on my review link and submitting a review for this blog post today 😉