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Catching Big Air in Whistler!

One of the most anticipated events of the 2008 Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival is the Big Air Competition. This year, unfortunatley, there was no Lingerie Fashion Show so I guess big air and potential carnage will suffice. Unlike the Orage Masters Competition, the Big Air Competition is all about getting...well...Big Air. Sticking the landing would help too. The event is open to Snowboarders and Skiers alike and they both throw down hard for prizes and glory.

Before the big night, atheletes have a chance to throw down during designated practice times. There was some serious elevation during the practice featuring mainly skiers. The snowboarders, unfortunately, weren't giving me the high elevation thrills that the skiers were dishing out. Nonetheless, there were some pretty impressive displays of air superiority.  For more pictures, check out the Futurelooks Photo Gallery. We've got two galleries featuring pictures from Brice Wong and Myself.

When the lights go down, that means showtime! Whistler explodes with spectators spilling out of every bar and hotel in the village and for good reason. The show is about to begin!

The atheletes put on some hugely impressive displays of airborne acrobatics. Through the fire and the flames, skiers and boarders alike threw down for big prizes and glory. Of course, in the heat of battle, there was carnage, but what I was most amazed with was the fact that each crash was boarded or skied off with style. Crash? What crash?

Unlike during practice, the boarders were definitely pushing a bit more elevation in the heat of competition. The only performance I was disappointed with was mine. I was pushing a f/2.8 17-55 Nikon lens and what I really needed was a Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR.  Combined with the low lighting and the high speed action, I was really struggling to get the exposures I needed. I was also having to crop a lot because I just couldn't get in close enough. For more pictures check out my Big Air Competition Photo Gallery.  Brice has also created a Big Air Finals Gallery. He had some better results with an f/2.8 70-200 Nikon Lens.

After the event was over, we were treated with a short fireworks display, performers who played with fire, and a DJ and Drummer that were both on fire. Although we all wanted to party, the free alcohol was seriously lacking this year as LG wasn't sponsoring the big air party, Kokanee was, but wasn't giving out free drinks, probably due to legal reasons, and Crocs, who was also sponsoring, was being lame and wouldn't give us free booze. Crocs needs to learn how to throw a real party.

For even more pictures and video of Big Air Competition, you can check in with Ed Lau, Leo Chiang, Michael Kwan and John Chow.

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