Can Your Scooter Do This?

Even though he’s a little goofy looking to some people, my little Yamaha C3, affectionately known as Scooter or HappyScooter has really impressed me in my three months of ownership. Even though I’m already taking motorcycle lessons in preparation for moving up to a more powerful machine, I don’t think any other bike will match the utility that ole HappyScooter offers. For example, last night, I decided to do a grocery run, but I didn’t drive my Subaru Impreza down to the coffee shop. Do I ride home and get the car?

If I was riding a motorcycle or any other scooter, I’d probably have to consider changing vehicles if I wanted to do a regular shopping trip. Not so with HappyScooter. I went to the Thrifty Foods and loaded up with whatever I needed and tossed both completely full bags of groceries into the massive storage area inside my Yamaha C3. With a gentle push on the cover, followed by a click, I was ready to head home to make dinner.

I was actually wondering how much the extra weight would affect the performance. Although HappyScooter had just gotten his very first tune up and new variator weights, I was expecting the performance to be somewhat less with the extra cargo. Turns out he happily hauled the groceries and my ass home with no complaints, maintaining roughly the same speeds with maybe just a half KM/h less up the 10% grade hill by my house. I’ve taken smaller bags of groceries in the past, but I’d never loaded up to nearly overflowing.

Although this is pretty great, it’s not as cool as what these two crazy kids did…

Across Canada on a Yamaha C3 Scooter

Mike and Keri rode from Vancouver, BC to Barrie, ON on their own HappyScooter. Their 2007 Yamaha C3 Scooter travelled over 4486KM over 11 Days. Here’s the kicker. They did it on only $153.76 in gas! I know that Subie drinks that much in a single round trip to FRYS Computers. They have put together an awesome journal complete with pictures of their adventure across Canada. You can check it out here.

Everywhere they went, people were amazed by this little machine and I continue to be amazed by it on a daily basis. Even if I do get a bigger bike down the road, I think HappyScooter will still be part of the family for the majority of grocery runs and other around the town errands.

A Recall Already?

Unfortunately, even though I had just gotten back from the clinic with HappyScooter and he’s running pretty awesome, it looks like he’s going to have to go back again. Yamaha has issued a recall notice for him and it sounds kinda serious. Apparently, the connecting rod has been snapping on both the 2007 Yamaha C3’s and its little sister, the Vino 50. Although Mike and Keri didn’t have any problems for over 4486KM’s, I would get it sorted ASAP as this could leave you stranded.

You can find more information about this recall and a number to call right here. Although it is a US Recall so far, the Scooters are identical and I expect to hear from my dealership once they get the notices.

In the meantime, I’m heading for a scooter ride to the coffee shop with my laptop. Meep! Meep!