A Whole Lot of FAIL at SeaTac…

So it looks like I just made it to SeaTac before they shut down the roads to the airport. Otherwise, I would have been on the receiving end of FAIL too.

The Starbucks FAIL…


The only thing that is open in the wee hours of the night is Starbucks. They are supposed to be open 24/7, but are actually closed for two hours (between 12-2AM). With nothing else open, the line ups were huge, but I’m sure no one knew that they do actually shut down, despite being advertised as 24/7. I’m sure the people way at the end of the line would have liked to have known this. It was a long Mofo of a line.


A lot of people stood in this EPIC line for nothing as Starbucks was completely sold out of everything (except the day old danishes). How can you open 24/7 (or rather, 22/7) and not be stocked with things to sell?

Airline FAIL…


Of all the airlines on the board, the airline that sounds like they would most likely to be able fly in the snow was Alaska Airlines. Unfortunately, Alaska Airlines, cancelled all their flights. This picture is actually old as another pass showed that they were all grounded coming into SeaTac. Sure, other airlines cancelled some flights too, but with a name like Alaska, I’d expect WIN in the snow and not FAIL.


As a result, all these people were screwed. They are all lined up for standby and rebooking. Most of them were still there this morning, huddled under chairs and sleeping on their luggage in the hopes of being one of the first people to be rescheduled for a flight. Also FAIL was the fact that there is no free WiFi. I paid $7.95 for 24 hr access and it is just barely faster than a phone line. That video I uploaded took like two hours!