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Month: July 2008

Dot Com Segway - PWN and FAIL Edition

It was a Segway kind of day today as Michael Kwan, John Chow and I travelled out to Langley, BC Canada for a private test ride of the new Segway x2. The test ride was setup by Larry Runnalls of Segway BC, the sole distributor […]

My Top Five Commenters - What Are They Up To Today?

It's been a while since I've done one of these "recognize my commenters" types of posts. Today, I've decided to check on my top five of my top ten commenters noted in my sidebar to see what they're blogging about today. Here's what I found... Michael […]

Dot Com Pho - The Just Pho Phun Edition

The only thing that is dead is Elvis because Dot Com Pho is more alive than ever! This week we hit Cuu Long Vietnamese Restaurant in Vancouver at the suggestion of Greg Morgan. Unfortunately, Greg decided to take off to the Pemberton Festival so that […]

Tomorrow's Secret Dot Com Pho Location - Cuu Long Restaurant

After a WonderPho Experience at Cambie (Vancouver) Vietnamese Restaurant, the Dot Com Crew moves on to a new location in Vancouver. If you missed out on the drama, much controversy has swirled around the mass exodus to Vancouver from Richmond. John Chow calls this a […]

German Redneck Beer Box Scooter...

Them Rednecks... They Everywhere... Even on Scooters... Those must be really small wheels under that thing. I wonder what would happen if he hit a small rock at that speed. In a spill, not only would his neck be red, but so would his chest, […]

Dot Com Pho - The Some Kind of WonderPho Edition

We had a great time at Dot Com Pho today at our location this week, Cambie (Vancouver) Vietnamese Restaurant. It was great to see so much support from everyone about the location change from Richmond to Vancouver even though a lot of you are out […]

Tomorrow's Secret Pho Location - Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant

Yes we shall, and it shall be done! Dot Com Pho is no longer a prisoner to Ricmond! We heard the cries of the people and we're now giving you a Pho that is closer to transit and more centrally located. No longer will you have […]

Noodle Eating Scooter Guy Gets One Upped!

Like most of you, I was pretty impressed with Noodle Eating Scooter Guy's Scooter driving "Kung Fu". However, I wasn't prepared for the "Ninja Skillz" of this guy... In North America, most people can't even drive and text at the same time. Just in case […]

My First Yamaha C3 Scooter Mods

It's been about three weeks since I got my Scooter and I'm truly loving the freedom from the pump. I've only filled up two times so far, and both times, I've been able to fill up with change in my pocket. The first fill of […]