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Month: February 2008

What's Your Excuse?

We all make up some excuse NOT to take care of ourselves or to exercise. Some of us blame our bumb knee like Ed Lau or make up other stories that justify our laziness. Believe me, I've made up some good ones of my own. […]

Offshore Accounts For the Rest Of Us?

When you hear the term "OffShore Accounts" you might immediately think of things like drug lords, gangs, global terrorism and unsavoury black market enterprises; things that are far more evil than even what John Chow has come up with...and the Panda Slaying too. However, at […]

Dot Com Kitchen - Episode Two - Omelette Time!

That's right! I'm back with another stupid kitchen video. This time, I'm making a ham and cheese omelette. The onions might look familiar as they were prepared in Dot Com Kitchen Episode One. I actually did all of this in the same day, but didn't […]

Singles Awareness Day...

So today is Valentines Day (aka Singles Awareness Day), and if you're single, it can really be a depressing wreck of a day. In fact, this day with all the hand holding, kissing, hearts, and candy makes you very aware of how single you really […]

Break Dancing Takes On New Meaning

Some people should never dance and should never ever be allowed to shake that thang. However, some would argue that dancing is simply another process for natural selection. This young gentleman truly gives the term "Break Dancing" new meaning. Actually, it is more like "Broken" […]

Letters To Stephen - Are You A Drug Dealer?

In and amongst the many emails that solicit Viagra or ask in my assistance to help a deposed Prince from Abu Dhabi get his money out of a foreign account, I sometimes get questions worth answering. Although a lot of them, I just fire back […]

The Super Epic 2008 Chinese New Year Family Dinner

The Year of the Rat is off and running and things, for the most part, seem pretty "Rat Free". This past Sunday, the whole family gathered for an "Epic" multi-course Chinese feast to ring in 2008. Making Money On Chinese New Year With Stephen Fung! […]

Vancouver Magazine Kicks off 2008 with a Big Night!

When it comes to who's number one, and who gets the failing grade in terms of Top Restaurants in Vancouver, look no further than Vancouver Magazine! "Big Night" is their celebration of the top winning wines paired with the best restaurants of the year. In […]

Happy Chinese New Year You Dirty Rats!

Yesterday was the start of Chinese New Year, a multi-day celebration of food, dancing dragons, and lucky money.  It's also a day to not wash your hair and not eat pan fried squid, which is a Chinese Slang for getting fired, though for those of […]