Who Gets to Help Their Favourite Charity Today?

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I was sort of hoping that I would get a little more encouragement to extend the contest, but what we managed to accomplish together with the help of other bloggers has been fantastic. With all your support, we have managed to raise $168 US which one lucky person will be able to point towards a charity of ther choice. Again, I'd like to thank Gary and Erin again for their commitment to helping others.


The lucky winner of this contest, who I am about to draw, will also receive a copy of NBA Live 2007 for the PC to enjoy. This version of the game is in Chinese, courtesy of EA, but the installer will convert to English on an English version of Windows, so don't worry. You'll definitely be able to play it as long as you don't need the instructions or can read Chinese.

The Winner Is...

From July 3 to July 16, we came up with a total of 56 entries which included a bonus double entry if you blogged about it and pinged me back.  10 of you blogged about the contest which means we had 46 people enter the contest for a chance for to be able to help a charity of their choice and of course, NBA Live 2007 for the PC. After putting everyone's name into a bucket and shaking vigorously, I pulled out one name. The winner of this contest is Ryan Shamus.

Ryan took advantage of the double entry by blogging about the contest and his bit of extra work paid off. Congratulations Ryan!  You will now experience something that few people get to enjoy, which is the feeling you get from helping others.  Please contact me with your shipping address and a link to the charity of your choice, and I'll take care of the rest.  Just for being the winner, I'm also going to mention Ryan's Latest Contest to win a bunch of cool prizes.  All you have to do is guess the date of the Next Google Page Rank Update. Go enter now!

Although Ryan wins the contest, in reality, everyone wins so give yourselves a pat on the back for your efforts. We all contributed to doing something really cool for charity. Good on you all and stay tuned for the next contest. Hopefully, we start something here today that will catch on and become part of the blogosphere. It's up to all of us to "Make a Difference Online".

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  • Congrats Ryan on winning the contest and to Stephen for running another great contest to help other people!

  • I contributed $6 (in a sense) to the contest and it gives me the warm fuzzies inside. 🙂

  • OMG!!

    What a pleasant surprise!!! Thank you very much for such an awesome contest 🙂

    I sent you my details through your contact form, but not sure if it made it.

    Thanks again, and congrats on the success of this contest, you're a real stand-up guy!

    • Congratulations Ryan! You're going to make your charity very proud! I think my URL Filter ate it. If you can send it again, to stephenfung@futurelooks.com, I'll take care of the rest. Enjoy the game too!